About Us

Unique Barber Style

Where we embrace the past and the time honored traditional of barbering. Stop by and enjoy a great haircut and straight razor shave to traditional wet shaving we use the most advanced men grooming tools on the market leaving man all of ages looking clean fresh and perfect and kick back with some good conversation. We want you to feel relaxed and at home with the relaxed atmosphere. We maintain a great reputation and provide the highest quality of lavish services. Affordable prices make us the most desirable place for men to get their hair cut in Suwanee & John’s Creek & Buford city in Georgia. When you receive a haircut from one of our master barbers you know that you are dealing with a true professional who is not only A master at His craft but also someone truly passionate about hair and male grooming.

1000 + Healthy and happy customers
14 + Years of impeccable our services